Age Group Managers

Age Group Managers

We love to see our parents and youth becoming involved in the club and becoming an Age Manager is one of the ways you can.

The Age Manager course is a nationally recognised course that will give members a greater understanding of how to be an Age Manager. The course covers duty of care, risk management, growth and development of nippers, education and more.

All parents or youth members aged sixteen or older who take on the role of an Age Manager at their club are expected to complete the Age Manager Course.

The Age Manager course is completed at club level and is made up of four parts:

  • Age Manager Online Course
  • On the Beach Practical Session
  • Third Party Mentoring Validation
  • Member Screening

Member Screening can be done by applying for a Working with Children Check (if eligible) or a National Volunteer Police Check. This check applies to Parents with children involved as they are exempt from the Working with Children Check.

The Age Managers course is available every year and is advertised on the SLSWA website.

Course Registration

Members wanting to become an Age Group Manager can contact the President or Junior Director at the club.