Board use

Board use

The aim is that on Sundays everyone has a chance to use the appropriate boards for their age group and there is adequate water space available.

There may be some weeks where boards aren’t used as Juniors may be doing other activities.

Board use. A few things to know:

  • Boards are strictly only for Dalyellup SLSC Club members.
  • Never drag, drop or sit on boards.
  • Boards should be placed on the beach with the fin up.
  • Boards must never make contact with a hard surface such as concrete
  • Boards are always to be washed before being put away.
  • When boards get used they may get damaged. If a board is damaged let your Age Group Manager or the Club office know (that way we can fix it ready for the following week).

Members who commit to training and competing have an opportunity to have a board contracted to them for the season. Conditions apply. Cost is a bond of $50 for the board, which is refunded at the end of the season when returned in good condition.