Patrol Rosters

Patrol Rosters

Patrolling members are responsible for checking their Patrol Roster and making arrangements to be available for patrolling on their designated dates or organising substitutes.

The patrol roster is located below; and under an individual’s members SLSA Members Portal account via

Members not able to make their designated patrols should notify their Patrol Captain of their unavailability and then arrange a suitable substitute. There are a number of avenues available to assist with arranging a substitute:

  • Ask a ‘buddy’ if they can swap patrols
  • Use the Patrol Swap section in the SLSA Members Portal (

Members are to ensure they read the Patrol By-Laws and understand their obligations.

Members are required to complete their minimum of 24 hours of actual patrol time

Patrol Teams


You need to be a financial member to re-qual, as you will not be covered under SLSA insurance and cannot be entered into the Surf Life Saving Database – Surf Guard.

The main awards (Bronze and SRC) need to be re-qualified each year by 31st December of each year. Some awards have different re-qualification periods. It is each member’s responsibility for checking which of their awards need re-qualifying each year.

2020 / 2021 Patrols




Patrol Captain

Patrol Captain

Patrol Captain

Dan Knox Alan Lea Peter Pavlinovich

Patrol Dates

Patrol Dates

Patrol Dates

1 November 2020 8 November 2020 15 November 2020
22 November 2020 29 November 2020 6 December 2020
13 December 2020 20 December 2020 10 January 2021
17 January 2021 24 January 2021 31 January 2021
7 February 2021 14 February 2021 21 February 2021
28 February 2021 7 March 2021 14 March 2021
21 March 2021 28 March 2021

About your patrol commitment – frequently asked questions

Q: I want to be a member of the club yet cannot commit to patrols?
A: That’s fine, we are an inclusive club, however first and foremost we are a Surf Lifesaving Club and with that have an obligation to the community to provide a safe aquatic environment for beach goers, which in turn enables us to offer all of the benefits of membership to our members.

Having said that we only want people to patrol if they actually want to, as having people listed on a patrol team who don’t turn up lets the team down and puts pressure on the Patrol Captains. Therefore, if you don’t feel you can fulfill your patrol commitment then please ensure you are not listed on a patrol team, while understanding that you are not entitled to any of the club privileges afforded to patrolling members.

Q: If I get a substitute for my Patrol hours, do I get the hours also?
A: To be allocated patrol hours you need to be the person on the beach; therefore, the person substituting will get the hours. It is generally accepted (though not in every case) that you will repay the favour and stand in as a substitute for the person that stood in for you.

Q: My kids do nippers on Sunday morning and I am on Patrol. Does this count if I am with the age group?
A: Being on Patrol means you are in correct uniform and providing support for all beach goers under the direction of your Patrol captain. Refer to your Captain as to the best way you can do this during the Sunday morning activities.

Q: I assist with the nippers. Can I get Patrol hours or exemption for doing this?
A: No. Patrol hours are made up as described above; nipper water safety is important during the Sunday morning activities but does not constitute Patrol.